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      Hainan handi Sunshine Petrochemical Co., Ltd

      Hainan handi Sunshine Petrochemical Co., Ltd (HDS) was established in the April of 2006 in Hainan Yangpu Economic Development Zone . Products include : transformer oil , chemical additives , industrial white oil, cosmetic grade white oil , medicine/food grade white oil , heavy oil , heat transfer oil , insulating oil , base oil , lube oil , naphtha , gasoline , gas oil , liquefied gas , solvent oil , rubber filling oil | information consulting and technology consulting service.

      The company's technology backbone come from large petrochemical enterprises , overall 90% of staffs have college education certificate and 40% have intermediate professional titles or above . The company has a series of functional departments , such as Integrated Management Department , Financial Department , Production Technology Department , Transportation Department , Equipment engineering Department , Sales Department , Purchasing Department , Quality Management Department , Trade Department , HSE Department , Cost accounting and so on . According to the characteristics of modern enterprises , HDS established ERP internal-control management system , optimized internal resources , used advanced meticulous management mode, put the corporate values and philosophy into the minds of staffs , create a team with high cohesion and loyalty . Lay a solid foundation for the company's future development.

      Based in Yangpu , facing to the world ,HDS's company's tenet is "Developing Sustainability , Serving the Country , Rewarding our Society , Benefiting Employees". The company style is "Seeking Truth from Facts. Being Efficient and Precise".The business philosophy is "Integrity .Law-abiding and Value Creation".The company strategies is " Stable, Lean, Bigger and Stronger".

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