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      Xiao Jie, member of the Standing Committee of Hainan Provincial Committee and head of the United Front Work Department, investigated HDF materials project


      On December 12, Xiao Jie, accompanied by Guo quanmao, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the provincial Party committee, Secretary of the Party group of the Provincial Federation of industry and commerce, Zhou Junping, Secretary of the Yangpu working committee, Ren Qinghua, director of the management committee and other leaders, visited HDF materials project for investigation and guidance. Wu Hanling, chairman of the board of directors of HD Group, Hou Lishan, general manager of HDF materials Co., Ltd. and other leaders gave them a warm reception.

      Wu Hanling introduced briefly the basic situation of HD Group to to Xiao Jie, and made a detailed report on the production and development of  our company's high-end fluid materials and high-end lubricating materials, as well as some high-quality projects to be jointly invested with foreign enterprises in the downstream of the industrial chain.

      Xiao Jie affirmed our company's focus on the production and R & D of high-end fluid materials and high-end lubricating materials in Yangpu, and highly appreciated our company's determination to forge ahead and expand the downstream of the industrial chain. He hoped that HD Group could make the "flour" of fluid materials more and more refined, and make the "cake" of project at the downstream of the industrial chain more colorful, so as to contribute to the development of private economy in the province. He also pointed out that Hainan Province is stepping up the construction of the Free Trade Port at present. It will bring better business environment and development conditions for enterprises after the introduction of the Free Trade Port Policy. The private economy has a bright future  . He hoped that HD Group would enhance its confidence, show its skills and plan for the industry to grow stronger.

      The next day of the symposium, Xiao Jie stressed that the provincial Party committee and the provincial government attached great importance to the development of private economy. He came to Yangpu to investigate the development of private economy this time, in hoping to understand the problems existing in the development of private enterprises more comprehensively by face-to-face communication. At the symposium, our company, as a representative of private enterprises, reflected relevant issues and put forward some suggestions. Xiao Jie asked relevant departments to carefully collect and sort out problems, study and implement solutions as soon as possible, and help private enterprises to solve practical difficulties.

      Contributed by: Cai Lin, personnel administration department

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